At Teapresso Bar, we are dedicated to bringing you the best, freshest tea and drinks. Our expansive menu includes coffee, milk tea, frappes, lemonades, slushes, and more! 

Each Teapresso Bar drink is crafted to your liking. Customers have the ability to customize their drinks in a 6-step ‘Build Your Own Tea’ process. Teapresso Bar has over 10 types of teas that can be freshly brewed with a variety of different flavors and add-ons that can be added into your drink! 

With our unique tea pressing process, your tea is always made-to-order. We believe that the best tea is freshly made. At Teapresso Bar, we use authentic machinery to brew a wide variety of teas, hot or cold, strong or subtle, and sweet or bitter; however you like it, we’ll have it made just for you! 

The next time you visit a Teapresso Bar, just remember:

 There’s fresh → Then there’s Teapresso Fresh 💚